Knox Co. Food Inspection Reports

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Knox County Health Department-Inspection Report

June 1 – 30, 2014 


Restaurants with No Violations:

 Dot’s – 101 Busseron St.- Vincennes, IN

 Bobes Pizza 812 Main St.- Vincennes, IN

 Old Thyme Diner- 331 Main St.  -Vincennes, IN

 Pop Around The Clock1725 Hart St.- Vincennes, IN

The Cafe Moonlight- 512 Main St. -Vincennes, IN

WD’S – 6th & Vigo St. -Vincennes, IN

Xtreme Nutrion- 1885 Hart St. -Vincennes, IN


Convenience Stores:

BP 606 Shirlee St. -Vincennes, IN – No Violations

Huck’s 1521 Hart St.- Vincennes, IN- One critical violation- Hot holding temps below required temp of 135. One non-critical violation- Boxes on floor in storage area.  Violations corrected.


Restaurants with Violations:

Dairy Queen- 103 N. 6th St -Vincennes, IN- Two non critical violations- Mop bucket not in proper storage area, Boxes on floor in walk in cooler. Violations corrected.

Fazoli’s- 2332 N. 6th St. -Vincennes, IN – Three non-critical violations: No hair restraints, Ice machine has residue build up, Microwave oven handles need cleaned. Violations corrected.

Rally’s - 2022 N. 6th St -Vincennes, IN – One critical violation: Cold temp food above required temp. Two non-critical violations, Floors appeared wet and needed cleaning, Ice machine lid broken. Violations corrected.

Taco Bell- 2326 N. 6th St. -Vincennes, IN– Three non-critical violations: Observed soda machine in drive thru has build up, observed floors need cleaned, grill needs cleaned. Violations corrected.

The Corner Café- 1402 S. 15th St.- Vincennes, IN- Three non-critical violations: Hand wash sink temperature below required temp of 100 degrees, refrigerator needs cleaned, Vent hood needs cleaned. Violations corrected.

Quickies- 1911 N. 6th St.- Vincennes, IN. – Four non-critical violations: No test strips for sanitation, vent in lobby needs repaired, employees not using hand wash sink, no hair restraints being used. Violations corrected.

Wendy’s – 2523 N. 6th St. – Vincennes, IN – Three non-critical violations: Cleaning of floors, soda machine has build up, hand wash sink temperature below required 100 degrees. Violations corrected.