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Morning Update: Nixoned

In 2000 the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act was passed. It gave the IRS the power to seize bank accounts of those suspected of being terrorists, drug dealers, and the like, even without any charges or convictions. With that kind of power bestowed on the IRS, bad things can happen…

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New Democrat Tactic: “Voter Shaming”

RUSH: Its intention is to motivate voters to go to the polls by making them think they’re being monitored and that the officials will know if they do or don’t vote — and, of course, it would be much better for them if they do. Good, old-fashioned peer pressure. But here’s the thing about this…

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Ex-Lib: I Kept Listening Even Though I Hated You

CALLER: I didn’t realize that I was living in a nightmare. However, during that period of my life I was listening to you, but I didn’t like you, period, but I kept listening to you. However, recently I woke up out of this nightmare and was reborn into conservatism. …

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