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Morning Update: Political Theater

The way Obamacare was written, only those who live in the 13 states that set up their own healthcare exchanges are eligible for government subsidies. It’s in black and white. Yet the Regime, ignoring their own law, extended those subsidies to people in the remaining 37 states as well. …

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Gun Store Owner: The Obama Regime Wrecked My Business

RUSH: In 2003 to 2008 we grew the business to five and a half million.  In 2008, Obama’s first year, things were still going good so we continued to buy inventory, and in 2009 everything fell apart.  From 2009 to 2013 we couldn’t buy a box of ammunition, not one box…

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Democrats Write the News Narrative

RUSH: Does anybody think the news media’s daily narrative just happens?  Whatever the narrative is every day, whatever the soap opera, however you want to describe it, does anybody really think it just happens?  Because it doesn’t. …

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