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Morning Update: Enemy of the State

The Obama Regime recently imposed a travel ban on the Venezuelan regime accusing them of human rights violations. The real question is, who –aside from a few Hollywood celebrities and leftwing college professors — would want to visit Venezuela these days?

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I Caused a Bullet-Buying Frenzy?

REPORTER MARK STRASSMANN:  Last time, the ATF said they wanted to restrict the army piercing rifle round to better protect police.  The reason:  Some new handguns can fire the same ammo.  The move prompted Rush Limbaugh to tell his radio listeners last week that the proposed ban was a backdoor gun grab

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The Question Before the Supreme Court: Does "State" Mean "State"?

RUSH: They had oral arguments, Supreme Court on King v. Burwell, the subsidy case, Obamacare, and it comes down to — I’m not kidding you.  The argument, at least as the Drive-Bys, as the Drive-Bys assess the hidden deep meaning in oral arguments yesterday does “state” mean just “state.”  It’s all about the state exchanges […]

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