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America in Decline

RUSH: There’s always gonna be an America, folks.  It may not always be the America that was founded, and it looks like, depending on what happens these next two years, it looks like that what really is being sliced apart here is America as a superpower.  

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My Response to Obama’s Press Conference

RUSH: You know, listening to this guy — I’m sorry — listening to the president talking about censorship and his new pet phrase, “That’s not who we are,” about everything.  “That’s not who we are.  That’s not who we are.”  I don’t know, folks…

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A Caller’s Question About Hillary

CALLER: I don’t know how she can be broke.  I’m wondering what happened to all that money that Bill made, and I was wondering if some of it was paid to hush unknown bimbos or did she lose it in the futures market.

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