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What I Heard About Harry Reid

RUSH: I got an e-mail from John Hinderaker at Power Line, and he said that he had been in contact with somebody in Las Vegas who claimed to know what happened to Harry Reid, and that this man wanted to tell the story to both Hinderaker and me, on the phone.  I was asked if I would […]

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CEO Buys Short-Term Love

RUSH: Dan Price is the founder of a company called Gravity Payments in Seattle.  He has 120 employees and he has decided he’s gonna raise the minimum wage at his company to $70,000.  He’s going to slash his own salary to $70,000…..

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The Drive-Bys Won’t Turn on Mrs. Clinton

RUSH: Snerdley walks up to me, says, “You know, this Hillary stuff, I know you’re bored by it, and I love the way you’re playing it, ignoring her and all that kind of stuff. But I gotta tell you, I’m seeing more negative coverage of Hillary. It wasn’t like this the first time…

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Happy Tax Day, America

RUSH: If you owe money because you don’t have an insurance policy as mandated by Obamacare, it’s their job to get the money from you.  And they’re gonna take it out of your refund if they have to. 

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