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Kroger Announces Recall of Four Spices

Kroger is recalling four of its spices because of possible salmonella contamination. They are the 12-ounce containers of Bac’n Buds, 17-point-one-ounce containers of Coarse Ground Black Pepper, 18-point-three-ounce containers of Ground Cinnamon and 24-point-seven-ounce containers of Garlic Powder. A sample of garlic powder tested by the FDA at a store in South Carolina came back […]

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White, Wabash Rivers Almost Back to Bankfull

Both the White and Wabash Rivers at all reporting stations are forecast to return to bankfull this week. The Wabash at Vincennes is forecast to fall to bankfull conditions during the day on Wednesday. Downriver at Mount Carmel, National Weather Service experts expect the Wabash to fall back to bankfull on Wednesday evening…

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